Elon Musk warns of our ‘biggest existential threat’

Thinking Robot

Elon Musk just got biblical on the topic of artificial intelligence. In fact, he called it “our biggest existential threat”. This from a man working hard to make it possible for you to take a snooze behind the wheel during your morning commute. “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon,” the Tesla TSLA, +0.14% […]

With 'The Machine,' HP May Have Invented a New Kind of Computer


If Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard are spinning in their graves, they may be due for a break. Their namesake company is cooking up some awfully ambitious industrial-strength computing technology that, if and when it’s released, could replace a data center’s worth of equipment with a single refrigerator-size machine. That’s what they’re […]

Andrew Ng and the Quest for the New AI


There’s a theory that human intelligence stems from a single algorithm. The idea arises from experiments suggesting that the portion of your brain dedicated to processing sound from your ears could also handle sight for your eyes. This is possible only while your brain is in the earliest stages of development, but it implies that […]

Data teleportation: The quantum space race

Three years ago, Jian-Wei Pan brought a bit of Star Trek to the Great Wall of China. From a site near the base of the wall in the hills north of Beijing, he and his team of physicists from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in Hefei aimed a laser at a […]

Moral Machines

Google’s driver-less cars are already street-legal in three states, California, Florida, and Nevada, and some day similar devices may not just be possible but mandatory. Eventually (though not yet) automated vehicles will be able to drive better, and more safely than you can; no drinking, no distraction, better reflexes, and better awareness (via networking) of […]

Cambridge to open centre to study threat to humans from artificial intelligence

A centre for ‘terminator studies’, where leading academics will study the threat that robots pose to humanity, is set to open at Cambridge University. Its purpose will be to study the four greatest threats to the human species – artificial intelligence, climate change, nuclear war and rogue biotechnology. The Centre for the Study of Existential […]

Scientists See Promise in Deep-Learning Programs

Using an artificial intelligence technique inspired by theories about how the brain recognizes patterns, technology companies are reporting startling gains in fields as diverse as computer vision, speech recognition and the identification of promising new molecules for designing drugs. The advances have led to widespread enthusiasm among researchers who design software to perform human activities […]

Foggy Perception Slows Us Down

Fog is an atmospheric phenomenon that afflicts millions of drivers every day, impairing visibility and increasing the risk of an accident. The ways people respond to conditions of reduced visibility is a central topic in vision research. It has been shown that people tend to underestimate speeds when visibility is reduced equally at all distances, […]

I.B.M. Chief on Watson, Cognitive Computing and Her Tenure

Virginia M. Rometty, the chief executive and newly appointed chairman of I.B.M., answered a mysterious and pressing question on Tuesday: Where is Watson? Watson is the room-size computer that defeated its human rivals to become a “Jeopardy!” champion. The answer, Ms. Rometty said at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women summit, is that Watson is in medical […]

Driverless car is wireless star at MIT

At a launch event for the school’s new wireless technology research center, MIT PhD student Swarun Kumar presented technology for a new autonomous vehicle that recognizes when it may be in danger of striking other cars and pedestrians. Several other autonomous cars have been developed elsewhere, most famously by Google, and they are generally capable […]