The meaning of life, according to Google’s chatbot AI

Conversations with chatbots are interesting, in a short-lived sort of way. If you take Cleverbot for a spin, for example, you quickly run into issues. It’s very easy to notice that the software is programmed to respond to certain keywords in a certain way, it doesn’t respond as well to statements as it does to […]


Watch a robotic cockroach launch a robotic bird

Imagine if you could have a robot that could drive around on crazy terrain for ground surveillance, then lift off for aerial surveillance. That would be a pretty versatile little robot. Obviously there would be some practical concerns. For instance, the wheels required for ground travel might make the robot too heavy and unwieldy for […]


IBM’s Watson swallows 1,900 TED talks, can now bore you to death

It’s good to have a mentor. You know, someone who’ll guide you through life’s vicissitudes and do it with slightly sad eyes and a knowing smile of a pain that’s passed. I’m not sure, though, that I want my mentor to be a large metal box that thinks it’s really good at “Jeopardy.” It seems, […]