Why Artificial Intelligence Researchers Love Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. is without question one of the finest video games of all time. Its game mechanics, physics, and challenges all form a cohesive experience that has kept gamers smashing goombas for decades. It’s damn near perfect. But in recent years, the plump plumber has found a new purpose beyond pure entertainment; for some, […]


If We Want Humane AI, It Has to Understand All Humans

THE FIRST PICTURE flashes on the screen. “A man is standing next to an elephant,” a robotic voice intones. Another picture appears. “A person sitting at a table with a cake.” Those descriptions are obvious enough to a person. What makes them remarkable is that a human is not supplying the descriptions at all. Instead, […]


Should we ban sex robots? Some scientists say yes, I say no

We often joke about robots equipped with artificial intelligence suddenly moving en masse to attack their vulnerable human overlords (that would be us). But it may be even scarier to contemplate what would happen if robots became our lovers instead of our enemies. Robot companions are nothing new, of course — we hear about mechanical […]