Should we ban sex robots? Some scientists say yes, I say no

We often joke about robots equipped with artificial intelligence suddenly moving en masse to attack their vulnerable human overlords (that would be us). But it may be even scarier to contemplate what would happen if robots became our lovers instead of our enemies. Robot companions are nothing new, of course — we hear about mechanical […]


IBM’s Brain Chip Could Make Our Phones Hyper-Smart

Dharmendra Modha WALKS me to the front of the room so I can see it up close. About the size of a bathroom medicine cabinet, it rests on a table against the wall, and thanks to the translucent plastic on the outside, I can see the computer chips and the circuit boards and the multi-colored […]


Microsoft has created an AI that can spot a joke … in a New Yorker cartoon

Such AIs could eventually help build better personal assistants and translations. Move over Watson. Microsoft has trained an artificial intelligence program that can pick through the thousands of submissions to the New Yorker’s cartoon caption contest to help find a winner. Bloomberg writes that Microsoft researchers worked with Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor at the […]