IBM’s crazy-thin 7nm chip will hold 20 billion transistors

How far can we push Moore’s Law? It’s starting to become a concerning question as processors push into almost infinitesimally small process nodes. Intel’s 14-nanometer Broadwell chips suffered from lengthy delays, stuttering Intel’s vaunted tick-tock manufacturing schedule. TSMC, the company that manufactures graphics processors for AMD and Nvidia, has been stuck at the 28nm node […]


​Google’s machine learning helping it catch 99.9 percent of spam

Google says it now blocks 99.9 percent of spam from reaching Gmail inboxes while whittling down false positives to 0.05 percent. Those stats are, according to Google, the result using its artificial neural network to sift through billions of incoming emails to weed out unwanted messages and phishing attacks. Were Google not doing everything it […]


Nvidia attempts to ease the path to deep learning

Nvidia hopes to bring artificial intelligence to a wider range of applications with an update to its Digits software for designing neural networks. Digits version 2, released Tuesday, comes with a graphical user interface, potentially making it accessible to programmers beyond the typical user-base of academics and developers who specialize in AI, said Ian Buck, […]